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Floors: 6” reinforced concrete
Walls: Steel frame construction with concrete stucco finish designed to a 1.5 engineering importance factor; sustained wind rating of 150 MPH or more and an insurance status of “Highly Protected Risk” assigned by Factory Mutual
Roof: Fully adhered FM I-135 rated 2-ply roof capable of resisting up forces of 135 MPH or more; Fiberboard insulation, gypsum lightweight concrete; Energy Star approved and highly reflective roofing cap sheet lowers cooling cost
Clear Height: Ceiling heights from 22’ to 28’ clear, ability to raise the roof to 36’ clear
Lighting: Combination of high-pressure sodium and fluorescent
Columns: Structural steel H columns spaced approximately 40’ x 40’​


Ameristar Impasse perimeter security fencing and exterior security lighting
All site access and building entry points are secured; 24/7 security personnel are available
Main entrance features a guarded check point with security monitored grounds and ample space surrounding the facility providing maximum clear view of the grounds
Generous 400’ property setbacks provide security team with optimal clear views of the facility and grounds
Site and structure meet Federal Governments Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) requirements’


Supplied through an on-site substation owned by Oncor

Redundant 138KV transmission lines provide 2N configuration to the on-site substation
LEED registered core and shell
Oncor commitment provides 2 additional 47 MVA transformers for a future total of 188 MVA
Redundant 20MVA A&B circuits deliverable underground from on-site substation to each Quad; 100% back-stand power available; power is delivered at 12.5kV; two dedicated 1,200 amp circuit breakers per quad​


Carrier neutral facility with a fully redundant telecommunications infrastructure design

Redundant telecommunications duct banks and fiber entrance pops
AT&T is on net and enabled with OC and Ethernet level services
Multiple CLECs and ISPs will be on net with short lateral builds
East Dallas Fiber Loop provides redundant connectivity to 1950 Stemmons, 2323 Bryan, 400 South Akard, and 4100 Bryan
Eleven fiber providers


Water: Supplied by City of Mesquite; 12” main; 4” – 8” lines; water loop fed by 2 independent water mains, each backed up by emergency power to ensure distribution of 1.8 million gallons per 24 hour period
Gas: Supplied by Atmos; 8” main, 2” lines
Sewer: Supplied by City of Mesquite; 12” main; 4” – 8” lines